OXO Helmet

This is a helmet designed for the kitchenware company OXO. The helmet was designed by myself and a group of two other people in 2018. We started by investigating the users, colours, materials and forms of popular OXO products.  

"OXO was founded on the philosophy of universal design, which means the design of products usable by as many people as possible"


- Simple, curvilinear

- Large Radii


Rubber & Silicone

- Soft texture


Black Accents

- Indicates use

- Universal across design

Colours & Materials

- Simple, primary colours

- Stainless steel

- Silicone & rubber 

Good Grips

- Soft silicone grips

- Indication to hold

- Comfortable for users with arthritis


- Small beveled holes

- Purposeful 


Our group then proceeded to work on concept sketches for a helmet design that incorporated the OXO brand identity.

The helmet was sculpted using warmed clay. I took the leadership role in organizing the research, concept sketches and final presentation boards. 

Final Clay Model

Good Grips and finger holes indicate where to pull on the helmet

Good Grips underneath indicate where to push the helmet off your head

Soft curves allow for proper aerodynamics 

The brim would be made out of soft rubber, mimicking many OXO products

A Good Grips retention strap would adjust to any size of head

For educational purposes, a Shape Grabber machine scanned the clay helmet and produced a digital file for me to explore further.

I made a preliminary rendering of the scanned clay helmet in Fusion 360 and explored colour variations

2020 @ Jenna McMullen